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Construction Services in Newfoundland & Labrador

Brook Construction has been involved in a wide range of projects in the commercial, industrial and civil sectors during our years in business, providing complete design/build services in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as specific contracting tasks as a part of a larger project. Take a moment to read about some of the projects we have been a part of in the past, and then contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn how we can help you achieve success for your planned project.

Corner Brook Plaza Renovation / Expansion 

Corner Brook, NL

90,000 sf redevelopment of existing mall space. Scope of work included demolition of existing space and extension of mall corridor creating additional 13 tenant spaces. Reconfiguration of main entrance vestibule and expansion of existing loading dock was also included in the renovation. Portions were design/build construction including tenant base building fit ups. We worked along side of tenants, owners, and mall facilities management to ensure construction progressed while minimizing impact to adjacent tenants and their customers.

Fairbank Honda

Corner Brook Plaza

Corner Brook, NL

Owner: Steele Auto Group

The owner of this new state-of-the-art car dealership required a contractor to facilitate design and construction of their first new building in Newfoundland and Labrador. The building consisted of 28,000 SF of floor area, housing a first-class service shop, drive through, and showroom. Our ability to collaborate with owners, architects, managers, mechanics, and other key personnel allowed for a building that met a wide variety of specific needs. Representing the owner, keeping their best interests in mind along the way resulted in very high client satisfaction.

Fairbank Honda

Memorial University Grenfell Campus Atrium CP-5

Corner Brook, NL

The new academic Building for the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook was set up as a multi-phase project in order to meet the tight deadlines for construction completion. We completed the phase 2 foundations, phase 4 academic building and observatory structure and phase 5 - Atrium.

The atrium boasts a structural glass feature wall, curved staircase and large mezzanine with glass rails, the academic portion houses several classrooms, main lecture theatre and several labs. The observation is accessed by a spiral staircase encased on the perimeter with a structural glass wall and features a state of the art telescope housed in a large rotating dome.


Gander Elementary School

Gander, NL

This project was a 55,000 SF multi-story building constructed using steel frame and masonry construction. Shortly after tender award, issues were discovered with the existing site which delayed the start of foundations until the spring of 2016. It was extremely important to the owner that the delivery date of September 2017 not be delayed. Brook Construction approached this project as a challenge that could be met. Through close collaboration with the owner and all sub-trades, a schedule was developed that would allow us to meet the owner’s goal. Through frequent meetings and open and honest discussion, issues were identified early and corrected immediately. In September of 2017, Gander Elementary opened to the staff and students on time and on budget. This would not have been possible without the involvement of all concerned parties and their willingness to work together toward a common goal. Brook Construction spearheaded this project team and worked to cultivate the necessary attitude by emulating it themselves in all situations.

gander school


Corner Brook, NL

“During 2014, O’Neill Automotive Group, in partnership with Vigilant Management, embarked on a significant project intended to expand our automotive group across the province and establish our presence in the Western Newfoundland region. Geographically this site was over 700 km from our corporate headquarters in St. John’s, hence causing concerns of managing such an undertaking remotely, while ensuring the quality of construction and completion to our standards. As a result, our team set about to engage contractors and trades which met our standards and ethics. In May of 2016, we completed the tendering process and selected a group of contractors which we felt would produce a facility to our high standards. Fortunately for us, Brook Construction assumed the role of GC and our project began in earnest.

The Brook Construction Team embodies the best in what is required to create significant structures and infrastructure. They are established, organized, resourced and relentless, all of which are essential for success in such an undertaking. Their Ownership and Managers exemplify professionalism, amicability, and moderation. Their crews and site leadership go above and beyond to ensure our goals were achieved and more importantly what is right for us. We were impressed with the ownership and pride taken by this team with “their Nissan” and “their building”. No detail was too small, no request too outrageous for this group of builders who partnered with us to build something important to the community and its people.

Nissan Corner Brook celebrated its grand opening in November of 2016 and to our delight, Brook and partnering trades were in full attendance to show off the fantastic accomplishment achieved through the collective professionalism, diligence, and perseverance of this team. To that point, Brook Construction receives our full endorsement and they are welcomed to all future projects our group will be undertaking.” - Stephen Lundrigan, General Manager Provincial Operations


Gulfspan Transfer Bridge, Marine Atlantic

Port aux Basques, NL

With the increase in traffic volumes and the robust economy, Marine Atlantic remains under constant pressure to provide a service that must satisfy the travelling public and the commercial trucking industry. In order to satisfy demands, it was necessary to have two transfer bridges that were operational so that if one fails,  there is a back up in order to ensure the flow of vehicles. The existing main transfer bridge had essentially come to an end of its useful life and needed replacement. In doing so, it would mean that the bridge would have to be taken out and a new one installed in its place along with major modifications to the concrete structures and fendering system. This work needed to be done during the winter months under the harsh conditions often encountered in the Port aux Basques area.

The transfer bridge presented its challenges with some of the structural work taking place under nine metres of water and the major foundation pads being four metres underwater. These pads had to be done in the dry in order to meet the tolerance required for the bridge operation. The platforms, towers and hydraulic systems had to meet strict tolerances as well in order to load and offload the ferry as the tides changed while docked.

It was impressed upon us in our first meeting the necessity of meeting the schedule outlined and the importance of the role that this bridge played in ensuring that they could maintain ferry service since the alternate dock was the only backup that they had. It was also extremely important that a stringent safety program be followed given the harsh weather conditions and amount of work required in and around the water.

All these challenges were met by the team assembled with an understanding of the daunting task we faced. Credit to the quality of the finished product being completed on time goes out to Brook Construction, it’s trades, and the consultants working together as a team with recognition that a strong team effort and attention to detail throughout all phases of work would lead to completion of such an important link for Marine Atlantic and all its customers between the Island of Newfoundland and the rest of Canada.

Gulfspan Transfer Bridge

Discovery Ridge

Corner Brook, NL

Corner Brook, NL

Brook Construction's subsidiary, Sleepy Cove Developments, is constructing a 55-lot subdivision located in Corner Brook called Discovery Ridge.

With 20 acres of land surrounded by trees and wonderful opportunities for viewpoints of the beautiful Bay of Islands, Discovery Ridge could not be better positioned as the place to live. Discovery Ridge is next to the new regional hospital site and just up the hill from Grenfell Campus-Memorial University, as well as surrounding recreation facilities such as swimming pools and sports arenas, a walking track, fitness centre, curling club, and more. With access from Corporal Pinksen Drive and Wheelers Road, the neighbourhood is designed to include sidewalks, bike paths, a green space, and multiple options for housing.

discovery ridge

Medical Device Reprocessing

Immediately after the award meetings were held to demonstrate to the contractor the sensitivity and the mechanical complexities of this project. Mechanical systems for the project include reverse osmosis, Culligan water treatment, steam piping, compressed air, hydronic heating, as well as the normal plumbing, ventilation and controls of a mechanical project. We have completed the complex project to the entire satisfaction of the consultants, owner representative, and more importantly the staff at the hospital. Brook has completed many successful projects for Eastern Health, Western Health, LG Health and Central Health.


New K-12 Bay D’Espoir Area School

Brook Construction was awarded the New K-12 Bay D’Espoir area school as a design-build contract. This 4600m2 school consists of two levels of classroom and office space as well as a large mechanical room, gymnasium, cafeteria and kitchen. The project is targeted for LEED Silver certification.


Although construction on this project was not scheduled to begin until the spring of 2020, Brook Construction felt it would be a major advantage to begin foundation work in the fall of 2019 in order to facilitate the majority of the building envelop construction being completed during the summer of 2020. Through close collaboration with our design team and careful review of preliminary designs, our team was able to advance the design sufficiently to allow our forces to mobilize to site in October of 2019 to begin the civil and foundation works. The work accomplished will be key in getting this building enclosed before the inclement weather begins in the fall of 2020.



Another significant challenge realized during this project timeframe is the COVID-19 global pandemic. Our safety management team was able to implement a robust response plan which has allowed our projects to continue with little or no delay. This response plan has been recognized as being industry leading on a national scale.


Humber Valley Resort Bridge

Steady Brook, NL

The Humber Valley Resort bridge was a vital link to the new resort construction. As such there was a push to have it built to provide access to the opposite side the river in order for construction of the resort to proceed. By using our barge and crane set-up we were able to accomplish this with the ability to cross back and forth on the river driving pipe piles and bringing construction supplies to the areas required.

Humber Valley Resort Bridge

Pentecostal Church

Deer Lake, NL

The committee for the construction of the new church wanted to work with a contractor who would give them a quality job and meet their timelines. The contract was negotiated and the project completed to their satisfaction. The aesthetically pleasing sanctuary was a key feature of this build and is enjoyed by the congregation.

DL church

Humberwood Addiction Centre

Corner Brook, NL

The Humberwood Addiction Centre was a design-build project. Brook hired the consultants to perform the design and through a close collaboration with the architect and engineers, the project was completed quickly and to the satisfaction of the owner. The facility has helped the staff provide a high level of support and services to unfortunate Newfoundlanders who struggle with personal addictions.


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